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  • The tremendous Gizmo has something to offer to any outdoorsman. Dimming selection and 72 hours of pure light make the Gizmo an ideal choice for backpackers and campers alike.

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  • One is all you need. The Spot kicks out 90 lumens for uncompromised pure light when you so desperately need to set up camp and eat a deliciously prepared freeze dried dinner.

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  • Few headlamps can actually be submerged in water. The Storm comes with a boat load of features like an adjustable dimmer, strobe mode and locking feature to name a few. It's an essential piece for every outdoorsman.

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  • The rough and rugged Icon is the perfect solution for the hardest of adventures. Repelling in rain storms, setting up base camp in frozen tundra, you can even submerge the Icon in up to 1 meter of water. Yeah, it's pretty hardcore.

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  • Sometimes you need to bring sunlight to your basecamp in the middle of the night. The Titan can be a beacon of abundant light in the middle of a dim, cold, dark at basecamp. Kicking out 250 lumens, you're going to have plenty of light.

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  • Hard to argue against having an abundance of light in dark areas where you need to see. The Orbit weighs in at a slim 84g to provide 45 lumens of precious light. Minimalists rejoice, we've found a lantern for you.

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  • Incredibly bright and versatile, the NAO is a truly outstanding headlamp. Designed with reactive lighting technology, sensors pick up ambient light to increase brightness. Adjustable straps provide a snug, secure fit for long usage.

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  • Versatile and very durable, the PIXA 2 headlamp is the hands-free lighting solution for working comfortably at close range and for moving around safely. Depending on the need, it may be worn on the head, mounted on the helmet or placed on the ground.

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  • The MYO RXP2 is the first Petzl headlamp that is programmable, allowing the user to choose the order of constant lighting modes and to precisely adapt light output. 86 hours of light output and a flurry of other features make the MYO RXP2 exceptional.

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  • The TIKKA XP2 CORE headlamp is designed for intensive use. With the OS by Petzl software, the user can customize headlamp performance in a number of ways to adapt the lighting intensity or battery life to the type of activity.

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  • Designed for professional athletes, the Apex Pro can be thrown through anything you can throw at it. At a slim weight of 173 grams, you'll forget that you're even wearing it on your next trail run, or backpacking trip.

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  • If you're looking for a headlamp with extended night vision lighting and features, the Fred is the perfect choice. The Princeton Tec Fred is great for backpacking, climbing, trail running and everything else in between.

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