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  • Highly economical, and above all, good enough to keep you alive! The Light D biner is an absolute climbing classic.

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  • Smooth and simple, the Oval Carabiner is a staple of the climbing community and there's a reason why they trust it so much.

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  • Pick from the 12mm and 18mm widths when you're selecting your Daisy Chain. Made of a durable, tight weave to supply necessary strength.

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  • This beautiful set of wiregate carabiners is just waiting to hit the rock. An array of colors allows for easy color matching when indexing your camalots.

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  • Lightweight and easy to handle, the HoodWire Carabiner is sure to put an end to gate whiplash and freezing up on alpine climbs.

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  • Simple yet extremely effective, the Black Diamond Super 8 makes rappelling and belaying a breeze.

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  • Perfect for gym and crag use, the ATC-Sport Belay Device fits a wide range of rope widths while offering two friction modes: Sleek and clean. The ATC-Sport is sure to please.

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  • Super light and ideal for any climbing difficulty range, the Vapor will feel like nothing more than a beanie on your head. Reinforced with a Kevlar lining, your noggin is going to be in nice and strong layer of protection.

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  • Perfect for big wall climbs, the nForce is an awesome aid for grueling ascents. Designed with locking rings that can house a carabiner to ensure security while resting, Black Diamond has chalked the nForce full of awesome features.

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  • When you're pumped stupid and digging for that crucial cam, you'll be glad you racked up with the Black Diamond Oz Rackpack. The pack feature six hot-forged Oz carabiners, color-coded to ease cam identification.

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  • Thanks to its hot-forged body and gate, and sleek, sculpted shape, the Dynotron is optimized for high-end sport climbing performance.

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  • Providing snag-free clipping and cleaning, the Nitron Quickdraw is our premier keylock draw and features a straight-gate Nitron on top and a bent-gate Nitron on the bottom.

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  • With snag-free wiregate HoodWire biners on both the top and bottom, the HoodWire Quickdraw offers the benefits of both keylock and wiregate functionality.

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  • With a straight-gate Positron on the top, a bent-gate Positron on the bottom and full keylock functionality, the Positron Quickdraw is a do-it-all draw for any climbing application.

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